Who We Are

Aseptic Technology, LLC is undergoing a business transformation — driven by a desire to “create new possibilities” for its customers

At Aseptic, we work with our customers to provide solutions from concept development through full scale production. Our customers are found to range from start-up businesses seeking to develop and launch new product concepts to larger brands and private label clients seeking to capitalize on consumer trends towards healthy and organic products. The growth in the aseptic packaging market is being driven by a shift in consumer preferences toward organic and natural food and beverages that require sterile, preservative-free aseptic packaging to which we are a solution.

Aseptic serves as a one-stop provider of aseptic product development and contract manufacturing capabilities with the ability to cost-effectively provide customers with the combination of innovative product development and a manufacturing footprint.

Aseptic Technology Business Transformation


By improving services to customers; and changing what the customer “sees” from us in a positive way


By review and reappraisal of what a business should / could do; by working with partners; and by leveraging all types of resources


By shifting the way the business works and embracing new organizational structures, skills, processes and technology

Our History

  • 1985 Introduced Flavored Water (Perrier, Calistoga, Crystal Geyser)
  • 1986 Deacidified Orange Juice Concentrate / Orange Juice Replacer
  • 1987 Assisted California FDA in developing HPLC Test
  • 1989 Developed Caramel Blocks for Caramel Flavored Microwave Popcorn
  • 1993 Developed a flavor to increase piglet feed consumption by 36%
  • 1996 Borders Books Equipment $5 Million / yr Program
  • 1997 Developed Chai Tea Powder – Industry Standard
  • 1999 Created Aseptic Marketing Plan
  • 2000 Developed Aseptic Dosing of Flavors
  • 2001 Achieved FDA Approval on Aseptic Dosing System for Low Acid Beverages
  • 2004 Joint project with Nestle and Procomac to obtain Low Acid Approval for filler
  • 2005 Spun Matrix Flavours System‐Non Thermal Micro‐Encapsulation System
  • 2006 Built and Sold State of the Art Aseptic Plant – Aseptic Solutions USA ‐ Corona
  • 2009 First to develop 2 oz Aseptic filling system
  • 2013 Installation of Stork Low Acid Filler=Low Acid approval Pending

Market Successes

Juice It Up!
Borders Books
Slim Fast
Naked Juice
Bolthouse Farms
Weider Naturals
Calfia Farms
Big Train Chai